An Angel’s Secret

   Between Tessa Peter’s full-time job as a maid at the Thurston Hotel, her weekend night job, and training her dog, Otis, she doesn’t have time for a relationship. Besides, relationships don’t last anyway. So why can’t she say no to Luke, the handsome guy who wants to help train her search and rescue dog?  

   Luke Dixon has a past he’d rather forget. His new posting in Harmony seems the perfect opportunity for a new life. The beautiful Tessa, seems as sweet and wholesome as an angel, the exact opposite of what he’s left behind.

    First impressions can be deceiving. By the time Tessa realizes Luke's job could be a problem, she's already falling hard. What will he think if he ever discovers her secret? There's really only one solution. Deal with her problem fast, so that he never does!

Also by Ellen Jorgy